What is Jeevan Vidhya?

Jeevan Vidhya is the RESEARCH-WORK of life which guarantees happiness, prosperity, fearlessness & harmony which NO UNIVERSITY in this world can.

Jeevan Vidhya is one of the most important and profound parts of a newly discovered way to live life named Madhyasth Darshan (Co-existential theory of living life with happiness, prosperity, fearlessness and nature) which was discovered and lived by Shri. A Nagraj. Jeevan Vidhya and even complete Madhyasth Darshan focuses on achieving majorly 4 human targets:

Chasing these targets unquestionably results us into being happy, resolved and satisfied human, having prosperous families, living with fearlessness and certainty in society, and the utmost indispensable harmony in nature & existence.

These human targets cannot be achieved just by watching some random videos or reading some random books. It needs proper understanding, intense practice and regular discussions to achieve these humans’ targets so has Jeevan Vidhya been doing for more than a decade.

Why to understand Jeevan Vidhya?

No matter, you are from which caste, creed, country, belief-system, gender, society, environment, achieving these human targets is the only ultimate purpose or common goals of every human. In the absence of right understanding of life & in the state of being ignorant, human tries to achieve these targets by doing those things where he gets nothing but only confusions, dissatisfaction, uncertainty, feeling of lacking, fear within and in society and obviously imbalanced nature and climate.
In past 20 years, our cars have been faster, our A.C. have been colder, our houses have been bigger and better, our marriage parties have been costlier, our life-style has been higher, Nokia 1100 has been replaced by I phone 12 but

Has humans’ belief on another human got increased?
Could investing more money in marriage parties make our children believe in getting married towards leading a happier life?
Could the temperature of AC fix the temperature of our heart and mind?
Could bigger houses get converted into happy families?
Could earning billions of rupees bring us permanent happiness?

Everyone’s answer would be a big “NO”, but understanding the life may convert it in a “YES”.

How can you learn to live with Jeevan Vidhya?

Jeevan Vidhya 7 days Workshops/shivirs get organised every now and then in different parts of India by many speakers (known as prabodhaks) to enlighten humans and to help them know their true human targets which are cited above.

Take a glimpse of 7 days (approx. 30 hours) PARICHAYA SHIVIR’S HD Quality videos Take a glimpse of 7 days (approx. 30 hours) ADDHDHYAN BINDU SHIVIR’S HD Quality videos

Note: Not even a single penny is charged to attend 7 days workshop/shivir. Jeevan Vidhya’s 7 days shivir is completely free and if someone is charging money to attend the shivir then that is not a Jeevan Vidhya shivir.


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